Each yacht charter is different. Therefore, it is always wise to first select the yacht of your choice, before proceeding to find out how much it will cost you. 

Once that is done, this step-by-step guide will provide information on finalising the details of your yacht charter.

Deciding on the Date

The boats can sail up to three different sessions per day. As such, if a particular session has been booked, you will see a "Limited Availability". Consequently, "Not Available" means either the yacht is fully booked, or simply because is not available :)

Selecting the Duration 

Select how long you like to be out at sea for. The longer the rental, the cheaper it is. Toggle around different duration and you will learn that the owners give discounts the more hours your rent. 

Determining the Best Time to Set-Off

Determine the best time to start your charter. Sometimes, the price do differ accordingly. Each session has its pros and cons. It's really up to ya!

Narrowing Down the Number of Guests

You need to advise the Captain on the expected number of guests that will be cruising onboard. This not only ensures that the yacht is not overloaded, but of course, it is also measure of the final price of your yacht rental.


Should there be an value added services, this is where you will choose to make your yacht chartering complete!

After that you should have a good idea of how much the entire yacht chartering will cost you (less tax), based on the various information provided. No surprises :)

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