Clients typically asked if food and alcohol is allowed onboard. Of course! All yachts (unless otherwise stated) has a no corkage policy, which means bringing food and alcohol onboard is totally complimentary. We think making memories onboard revolve around good drinks, food and company! That said, we do request for you to note two things:

First, always bring your food into the Marinas yourself, as the Marinas have adopted a policy which bars external food vendors from entering (or face a "penalty"). To solve this, all deliveries should be received by our guests, to be brought in by themselves.

Second,  we do encourage RESPONSIBLE DRINKING. Clients are also advised to bring disposable plastic wineglass or cups, as a safety precaution as onboard supplies MAY run out. We also urge everyone to be careful with red wine as any spillage will lead to staining of the decks, which there is a penalty imposed.

Else, enjoy and have a great time out there!

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