Our boats have fixed time slots to enhance safety, booking efficiency and cost competitiveness for both our clients and owners. With fixed slots, our crew will know before hand their charters and plan their rest ahead of time. It is also superior in efficiency so that the crew can plan their itinerary to deliver the best service to clients. Additionally, this arrangement maximises the boats' charter, so that we can drive costs down to provide you with a competitive pricing. 

Fixed time slots is great. For morning (0900-1300hrs) charters, you get to enjoy a cooling day and the water is usually less busy. For afternoon (1330-1730hrs), you get to have the perfect sun tan that you crave for. As for the evening (1800-2200hrs), you get to cruise and watch the romantic sunset and city sky lights. 

That said, should you really have an urgent need to sail at a non-standard timing, please contact us at: 

We will do the rest :)

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