Yachtly is Singapore's first yacht rental platform for a wide range of occasions and budgets. Contrary to current market practices out there, we leverage on technology to make yacht rental easy, fast and secure. Here's how:

Choosing an Occasion

The first step in renting a yacht is to understand why you wanna hit the seas for. We understand that yachts can be unfamiliar to you, which is why we have based on our data and experience to position each yacht specifically for you. Typically, clients charter a yacht for the following reasons: (1) Wedding, (2) Corporate Events, (3) Family and Friends and (4) Celebrations. We guess this is the same for you, too!

Selecting the Date

Next, selecting the date of your yacht rental is important, so that we can check against all the boat's availability. Notably, the boats cruise between two to three times per day within pre-determined time slots. 

Estimating the Number of Guests

Lastly, it is important to estimate the number of guests that will be cruising onboard. For safety reasons, each boat is certified to carry a maximum number of guests - large party = big boat. There really isn't a way around it.

With these details, our algorithm will be generating a list of best yachts for rental for your consideration. Just review them as you wish. It's that simple.

On questions on how to proceed with the booking, please check out: How Does Yachtly Works (Part 2).

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